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Hydronic heating

Why should I service my hydronic heating?

Hydronic heating requires annual serving to maintain the life-expectancy of your system. Without proper care, hydronic heating systems can over time develop rust, leaks and other small issues that can cause major problems if left un-checked.

Hydronic systems are designed to last. For example, a Delonghi hydronic radiator come with an impressive 25 year warranty. If your system is not regularly maintained by a qualified professional this warranty can easily become void.

A hydronic General Service should be conducted yearly and includes:

  • Rust inhibitor (this is required annually for warranty)
  • Bleeding of panels
  • Check boiler for leaks and potential issues
  • Check indoor valves for leaks

A healthy hydronic heating system will continue to keep your family warm for many years.

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Brands We Trust

Please note Arctic Melbourne has closed under the new restrictions and will be available to conduct emergency repairs only.

Emergency repairs are defined as repairs required:

  • For the safety of the occupants
  • To prevent property damage
  • To an essential service

If you require a tradeperson to attend, please wear a face mask and maintain social distancing.

We are currently scheduled to reopen Thursday 18th Feb 2021 pending further announcements.

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